Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash


Many factors influence the effectiveness of a canine Bowen treatment.

– It is important for the owners not to pat / stroke / pet your dog until after they have had a sleep / rest. I recommend he/she is allowed to have a good rest and sleep following a canine Bowen technique treatment.

-Your dog mustn’t be over excited / over exercised or stressed for at least 24hrs following a treatment.

-Re-injury is common in dogs. The Bowen treatment helps reduce pain and facilitates greater mobility, the risk is when your dog feels better and the owner responds to the dog’s enjoyment and increases the exercise. A gentle amount of exercise is recommended and this usually happens naturally with dogs as they move about and stretch.

-Your dog may drink more water, urinate more and defecation patterns may change.

-Seven days is the ideal time between treatments. Between five to ten days is also acceptable. There are of course exceptions and I will advise on the best gap between treatments for your dog.

-I would ask that you observe your dog and note any changes over the next few days. All change is “good” change. These changes may be things like temporary stiffness, tiredness, or increased energy or mobility. It is recommended that no other forms of hands on therapy are used for two weeks, e.g. chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, etc.

If you are concerned about your dog at any time please contact me or your vet to get advice .