Photo by Matheus Queiroz on Unsplash

What is Canine Bowen Therapy? (CBT)

Canine Bowen Therapy is a gentle physical therapy for dogs. Rolling moves are made over precise points on the body and are performed in a slow and controlled way to subtly disturb the underlying muscles and soft tissue i.e. muscle, tendon, ligaments and connective tissue called fascia. The moves are interspersed with short breaks which allow the brain time to process information and make a response resulting in subtle changes. Dogs lead active lives and often hide pain and discomfort. Tension is often transferred to other areas of their body as they alter their movement to avoid pain. The Bowen moves help to calm the nervous system and reduce pain levels whilst promoting healing on many levels. Adjustments will continue within the body for up to 5 /7 days after treatment and this is why we wait 7/10 days before the next appointment.

A Vet Referral Form is required before treatment is commenced. Please click here to download a Vet Referral form to give to your vet to sign or I can contact your vet directly if you would prefer.