Patient Testimonials – Dot Clowes

“Ever since I was a child I have always run upstairs to bed.  For the last couple of months I have been hobbling upstairs; last night I ran up them, what for quite a while has been a sharp severe pain is now a faint dull ache, Dot I can’t thank you enough.  Needless to say I’m now an advocate of The Bowen Technique!” Luke

“I went to see Dot with a stiff shoulder which had been annoying me for well over a year.  Changing gear was uncomfortable as was applying the handbrake.  I was getting a lot of headaches, my jaw would ache and it woke me up wen I turned over in bed.  I also noticed I was looking lopsided and worried my shoulder would eventually touch my ear.  After the first session I drove home feeling no better and a little disappointed.  That night I only woke once.  The next morning I couldn’t believe it, I had full movement back in my arm and shoulder.  I drove my family mad waving my arm around all day.  It felt quite odd, but not painful, which I assume was muscles that hadn’t worked for a long time getting used to being used again.  After the next sessions my shoulder felt worse for a few days but gradually, not only did full pain-free movement return, but the headaches stopped.  My shoulder dropped back to being level with the other one.  It has never given me a sleepless night since.  I have the odd twinge, but when this happens I do some exercises which Dot taught me and it goes away again.  I am eternally grateful for what I call the miracle cure.”  Alison

“Although we are both quite fit, we were experiencing problems e.g. shoulder pain, back paid and leg issues.  Several sessions of Bowen treatment have resolved these problems.  At the same time we were both stressed with various issues.  With Dot’s use of Bowen and experience, the stress has been reduced enormously.  The treatment is gentle, thorough and properly explained.  Dot is a gem.”  Richard and Sylvia

“I have been seeing Dot over the last six weeks in respect of Ectopic Heart Beats, Vagus Nerve and a stomach issue.  Due to her sound advice and support I have noticed an improvement in the symptoms I have.  Dot has been a great help to me.  I find her extremely caring and kind and a great listener.”  Brian

“I have suffered years of pain in my neck and shoulder, this being the result of injury together with bad posture habits I had unwittingly adopted while working. During those years I tried numerous therapies: osteopathy, chiropractice, physiotherapy and acupuncture, but nothing has produced the immediate but long-lasting beneficial effect of Bowen Technique.  I knew nothing about this therapy but my wife urged me to give it a try.  At my first session with Dot she explained how it works and what was causing my pain.  The treatment I have subsequently received from Dot has greatly improved my problems and I am amazed how relaxed I feel after each session.  I can even walk our dog now without feeling dragged down with pain.  Bowen Technique deserves to be more widely known and I have no hesitation in recommending it.” Anon